GE Concord Express Home Alarm System

GE Concord Alarm System


The Concord Express panel comes standard with six hardwire zone inputs, of which one can be set up as a 2-wire smoke detector loop that can handle up to 10 detectors. A built-in radio receiver with 16 wireless zones allows for easy and inexpensive addition of any LearnMode™ sensors, remote keychain touchpads and wireless panics, providing installation flexibility to meet the needs of the users. Encrypted LearnMode technology secures every keychain touchpad transmission.

Two built-in outputs can be programmed to activate external devices during an alarm or other system events. Adding a SnapCard™ expands system hardwire zone inputs and outputs. The 8Z input SnapCard provides six regular hardwire zones and two 2- wire smoke loops.  The 4 output SnapCard adds four programmable relay outputs. Each card (one per panel) connects easily to the panel circuit board inside the cabinet for a clutter-free, professional  installation. Expand the system further by adding a 8Z input module for eight additional zones per module.  With 16 user-programmable access codes, residential customers can grant access privileges to several users.


  • 22 zones—six onboard hardwire inputs and 16 wireless zones
  • 2- and 4-wire smoke detector compatibility
  • 2 onboard programmable outputs
  • Compatible with all LearnMode sensors and Encrypted LearnMode keychain touchpads
  • Panel auxiliary power provides 750 mA (continuous)
  • 16 user-programmable access codes
  • Latchkey numeric paging
  • SIA False Alarm Reduction standard
  • 50-event history buffer
  • Keyswitch arming using a hardwire or wireless zone
  • Programmable from on-site alphanumeric touchpads or offsite using ToolBox software

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